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Bodyblade® Classic Carrying Bag


The Bodyblade® Classic Carry Bag is must-have for those who love to travel with their Bodyblade, take it to the park for a workout, or want to store it conveniently on a hook or hanger. Designed to fit one Bodyblade Classic, it's made from durable 420D nylon and features the authentic Bodyblade logo. Slip your Bodyblade into the bag, cinch the drawstring closure, sling it over your shoulder, and get in a Bodyblade workout anywhere you go.

  • A convenient way to carry or store your Bodyblade; sling it over your shoulder or easily hang it in a closet.
  • Holds one Bodyblade Classic.
  • Made from durable 420D nylon, with 1" shoulder strap and drawstring closure.
  • Features the authentic Bodyblade logo.
  • 50" long x 4" wide; will fit one Bodyblade Classic or Bodyblade CxT

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